4 ways to honor your veterinary technicians

FirstlineFirstline October 2021
Volume 16
Issue 5

National Veterinary Technician Week is next month so check out these creative methods for demonstrating your appreciation for all the hard work and commitment veterinary technicians contribute to the practice.

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otsphoto / stock.adobe.com

Veterinary technicians are integral to a practice’s success, especially amid pandemic times. From delivering the highest quality of care to patients to providing exceptional customer service—it’s no question that these team members deserve recognition for the work they curate each and every day. Here are a few ways to thank your technician staff for the vital role they play in maintaining a thriving practice.

#1. Gift cards

After a long day at the clinic, it’s common to seek out ways to decompress. Pay attention to how each staff member destresses. Maybe they prefer to unwind and order food or maybe they’re more inclined to treat themselves to a shopping spree. Make sure to take note of each member’s favorite restaurant or store and reward them with a gift card. The personal touch will go a long way.

#2. Customized gifts

Who doesn’t love their very own personalized gift? There are a plethora of veterinary technician-themed items available for purchase on the web including coffee mugs, apparel, stethoscope name tags, tote bags, key chains, and even face masks to sport. You can also stray away from veterinary medicine-specific gifts and buy them a present based on their personality. For example, if they love Star Wars, maybe get them a name tag featuring Yoda or if they are a fan of tie-dye, gift them an item with this design.

#3. Supplemental paid time off

It’s no secret COVID-19 has made veterinary technicians’ jobs challenging and overwhelming at times. Your team will be grateful for the additional time off to spend with their family and friends or to participate in activities and hobbies they enjoy during their leisure. In turn, this will strengthen your relationship with them by prioritizing their mental health and personal goals.

#4. Practical items

Veterinary tools are always useful around the clinic and help your technicians achieve their daily tasks. This can consist of providing your team members new stethoscopes, bandage scissors, surgical and suture emergency kits, pouches and toolbelts, and more. Offering updated materials for patient care will also help lessen veterinary technicians’ stress by streamlining appointments and displaying they deserve the best equipment.

Finally, what’s the No.1 way to show appreciation for your technicians that doesn’t come with a price tag and can be instilled daily? Reminding them just how grateful you are for their efforts and reinforcing that you are proud of their accomplishments. Words of encouragement not only make a difference but can also help nourish a cohesive and healthy workplace for everyone.

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