4 ways to keep the peace at your practice


Adopt one of these personalities to negotiate your way to workplace Nirvana.

No matter where you work, colleagues are bound to run into a problem with each other-and to run out of patience. For those times, it's nice to have a mediator to turn to; someone who calms the chaos. And there's no reason that peacekeeper can't be you. Besides winning over friends and making your workplace a more enjoyable environment, your intervention skills may also earn you some job security-everyone loves a diplomat.

To become the glue that holds your practice together through good times and bad, consider adopting one of these four employee personalities, highlighted by Yahoo! hotjobs.

The stand-up

This employee keeps the peace through a well-placed joke-always about policies rather than people. Her witty insights lessen the tension and defuse awkward situations.

The surveyor

This employee puts thing into perspective. She looks past what's in the forefront of people's minds and sees the outcome over the horizon. She calms others by reminding them that this too shall pass.

The supporter

This employee plays up co-workers attributes, keeping everyone focused on the positive. She's always dishing out compliments and thank yous to help keep spirits high and stress levels low.

The stopwatch

This employee knows when someone's about to blow and calls time out before an eruption. She understands that sometimes it just takes a breather and some distance to cool down. And she's the one that will give you the space to collect yourself.

While practice managers are in the natural peacekeeper role, any team member can step-up. So go ahead and make nice. You and your practice will benefit.

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