3 tips to keep clients happy


Keep veterinary clients happy with comfort stations, kid treats, and follow-ups.

Provide a comfort station

Provide treats for clients while they wait. A comfort station with coffee, water, and snacks makes a nice impression and a ensures a client's wait time is more enjoyable.

Treat the kids

Clients often have children with them in addition to their pets. Take notice of the kids and make them feel special, allowing them to listen to their pet's heart, for example. Provide toys and some type of treat for them. They may be your next generation of clients.

Conduct follow-up calls

After any appointment—including surgery and dental procedures—call the client to find out how it went and whether he or she has any questions. Make sure to give new clients a hearty welcome. For ongoing medical cases, the doctor should set the interval for the follow-up call to match expected changes in the pet's condition.

Veterinary Economics Editorial Advisory Board member Dr. Jeff Rothstein, MBA, is president of Progressive Pet Animal Hospitals in Michigan.

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