3 products for the human-animal bond

September 27, 2017
Brendan Howard, Business Channel Director

Brendan Howard oversees veterinary business, practice management and life-balance content for dvm360.com, dvm360 magazine, Firstline and Vetted, and plans the Practice Management track at all three Fetch dvm360 conferences.Brendan has proudly served under the Veterinary Economics and dvm360 banners for more than 10 years. Before that, he worked as a journalist, writer and editor at Entrepreneur magazine and a top filmed entertainment magazine in Southern California. Brendan received a Masters in English Literature from University of California, Riverside, in 1999.

Sometimes pet owners need more than medical helpsometimes they need a reason to remember how much fun they can have with their loved ones again.

We're dreaming of pet enrichment these days, of a world that encourages exercise, play and nutrition at home, in the veterinary hospital and out and about-a world where cats can "cat" and dogs can "dog." With that on the brain, we stumbled across a few nice items you might want to recommend to clients (or steal for use in your own home) that might help build or maintain the human-animal bond.

Retail gets little to no space in the average veterinary hospital, but attention to what makes pet ownership fun can show clients you know every reason pets are fantastic to have around.

Vet-approved box

The popular BarkBox sends dogs new toys and treats every month in a subscription box. But what about a subscription box with items vetted by a veterinarian?

That's VetPet Box, which sends veterinarian-approved educational material along with toys, chews, wellness products, accessories and treats, starting from $35/month for cats or small dogs (yes, they go up to giant dogs-don't fret, Irish Wolfhound fans). They even have new boxes for puppies and kittens (pictured here).



An old standard in cat toys

Yes, there are new electronic laser pointers, motion-detecting cameras and cat feeders on the market. And they're cool.

But, y'know, what if a cat owner just wants a simple chase toy?

Cat Dancer Products has been making cat toys like this Cat Charmer Wand Toy since 1983. Go crazy.



A squeaker you won't fear

Some dogs adore their squeak toys, and they squeak them all the time. All. The. Time. Even the most laid-back veterinary client might start losing their marbles.

So, there's Hear Doggy! toys, which come in lots of varieties, all tuned to an ultrasonic range in the 24 to 28 KHz frquency (humans can only hear from zero to 20 KHz).