3 Must-reads on relief veterinary medicine


Interested in being a relief veterinarian? Check out these 3 articles.

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Relief work has been an emerging career path in veterinary medicine and offers the potential for better work-life balance, a chance to experience additional work environments, and more. To help you explore this avenue, we have provided 3 articles covering the nuts and bolts of relief veterinary work.

From discovering if pursuing relief veterinary medicine is ideal for you to the benefits it has for the entire profession—there's something for everyone. Happy reading!

  1. The multi-faceted benefits of relief veterinarians: Discover what being a relief veterinarian entails, plus the advantages it has for the industry.
  2. Is relief veterinary medicine for you?: Tai Ogg, DVM, MPH, shared considerations to bear in mind before transitioning from associate to relief veterinarian.
  3. Relief veterinary work: What you need to know: Christopher J. Allen, DVM, JD, outlined the ins and outs of relief work and what to look for in your contract agreement.
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