3 must-reads for Veterinary Receptionist Week


Spotlighting the incredible work veterinary receptionists do every day with these 3 related articles

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alexandr / stock.adobe.com

Happy Veterinary Receptionist Week! We are celebrating the essential role these professionals play in supporting both pets and their owners. This week serves as a reminder of their invaluable contributions to the veterinary field and compassionate care. Here are 3 articles spotlighting veterinary receptionists:

  1. Veterinary receptionists bridge the gap between pet owners and veterinary professionals, ensuring clear communication and a positive patient experience. In this article, discover how veterinary receptionists have the hardest job in the hospital (from the opinion of a veterinarian).
  2. Client service representatives (CSRs) can make an appointment start and end more smoothly when they are collaborating with the rest of the veterinary team. Brian Faulkner, BSc (Hons), BVM&S, CertGP (SAM), CertGP (BPS), MBA, MSc (Psych), FRCVS, gave a presentation at the 2023 New York Vet Show in New York, New York on how to optimize your CSRs with training.
  3. For some reason, certain professionals view receptionists as dispensable and technicians and veterinarians as indispensable. Nothing could be further from the truth. Marc Rosenberg, VMD, argues that these staff members must combine tolerance, compassion, and charisma far more than any other of their colleagues.
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