3 Must-reads for enhancing practice culture

March 26, 2021
dvm360 Staff

Find out how to eliminate toxic workplace cultures and create a nourishing environment, plus take a closer look at how the generational shift is impacting veterinary medicine.

The success of every veterinary practice relies heavily upon maintaining a healthy and positive workplace. While occasional workplace conflict is normaltoxic communication and destructive work behaviors can quickly damage workplace culture.

The following 3 articles explain how to create a healthier work environment, why and how the generational shift is impacting work culture, plus, you'll find out why constructive feedback can help you achieve a win-win. Happy reading!

How to kick toxic practice culture to the curb: Experienced practice manager Emily Shiver, CVPM, CCFP, CVBL, shares her top tips for kicking toxic practice cultures to the curb and nourishing a cohesive and positive workspace.

Generational shift opportunities for veterinary practices: As millennials surpass Gen X as the leading age group in the US veterinary profession, communication and collaboration are essential for continued growth. Find out what this generational shift means for your practice.

Creating a practice culture that values feedback: Learn more about the power of constructive feedback and how it can drastically improve team commitment and promote engagement.