3 must-reads for educating clients about parasite prevention

March 11, 2021
dvm360 Staff

With spring on our heels, now is a great time to educate clients about the many harmful parasites that come out to play in the warmer months.

Spring is fast approaching, meaning more clients will flock to local parks and open fields with their furry friends. Make sure you educate them about the many parasites lurking in their favorite outdoor locations and the preventive options available to help them keep their pets healthy.

The following 3 articles offer more insight on educating pet owners about parasites, plus how to recommend the best preventives for your patients.

Happy reading!

  1. Parasites are playing in America’s dog parks: This study found that 85% of the 288 dog parks studied had intestinal parasites. Find out what this could mean for your veterinary practice, clients, and patients.
  2. Fighting fleas: An update on preventive options: A veterinary dermatologist provides an overview of flea and tick control products, plus explains how to make the best recommendations for your patients.
  3. Coaching pet owners through unrelenting flea infestations: The initial flea diagnosis is when you should sound the alarm, but oftentimes clients don't get the message the first time around. Find out why and what to do about it.