3 fun and creative tools for enhancing your well-being

dvm360 Staff

Certified leadership and wellness coach Kristina Guldbrand encourages you to learn more about yourself and provides 3 creative tools to help you get started.

Veterinary professionals often face multiple stressful situations in a day. From challenging client conversations, long and tiring shifts, to juggling the growing needs of curbside care–mental health can often take a back seat. That's why veterinary teams need easy tools to help them make that first step, according to certified leadership and wellness coach Kristina Guldbrand, CVT, BS, CSP.

One useful strategy for tackling stress and burnout, she says, is assessing how you react to stress. "One tool that I think everybody should start using is just learning about yourself. Who are you when you're stressed? How are you around other people when you are stressed? Are you at your best? What does your communication look like?"

Watch the video below for more of Guldbrand's tips and tricks for enhancing your overall mental health, plus her top strategies for improving wellbeing in the veterinary profession.