3 companies that offer direct appointment booking

January 23, 2018

We cant wait to show you these wait-eliminating companies that offer direct appointment booking to help veterinary clients skip the wait you get the picture.

Let's face it: Not much is worth the wait. That's what makes direct appointment booking such a breath of fresh air for veterinary clients and the practices they visit. And, yeah, we get that spending time looking for the perfect direct appointment booking service is the opposite of saving time, which is why we tracked down our top three and compared them for you. Thank us later-you have comparing to do!

Photo courtesy of nextinline.ioNext? In line, that is

No-shows and cancellations punch a big hole in your revenue-not to mention the wasted staff hours. Here's where Next In Line comes in to save the day, by providing a virtual waitlist for your veterinary clients. Last-minute cancellation? Your clients will receive instant notifications and book their own appointment that much sooner. Boom: You've generated more revenue and your clients have the power to pick and choose-a definite win-win for all involved, including that sick pet that gets looked at sooner rather than later.

Photo courtesy of vitusvet.comBranded service that never sleeps

VitusVet, the self-proclaimed “tail-wagger with swagger,” comes complete with an app branded to your practice, push notifications and reminders, targeted marketing, text and picture messaging, analytics and, yes, of course, direct booking appointments. With VitusVet, your clients can make appointments digitally as well as refill prescriptions 24/7. Your clients get the convenience of picking their own appointments, and your practice gets to decrease routine phone calls and eliminate potential booking errors. Sounds like a tail-wagger with swagger to us.

Photo courtesy of doctormultimedia.comYour clinic's online presence? All covered

From web development to mobile integration, Doctor Multimedia has you covered. With a host of tools and features at your disposal, you can build a seriously strong online presence for you and your practice. And when it comes to direct appointment booking? They have a little something up their sleeve: Pet Doc, an app made specifically for veterinary practices that simplifies appointments, sets reminders, manages reputation and much more.

Editors' note: Satisfied with what you see? We thought you might be. If you're not, you can find more companies in our marketplace. Have a favorite that we didn't mention? Leave a comment and tell us who your direct booking BFF is, or send us an email at dvm360@ubm.com