2017 Mock Exam | 2-Day Practical

November 17, 2016

Date: April 01 - April 02, 2017


Intense focus, dedicated 1-on-1 learning, group critique. The Mock Exam at the Animal Dental Training Center is not just about taking an exam. It's about learning what works and how to prepare yourself effectively for arguably the most critical milestone on your way to specialty certification. Come put your skills to the test and prepare with the best!


Course Title: 2017 Dental Mock Exam | Practical

Instructors: Dr. Ira Luskin Dipl. AVDC/EVDC

Dr. Mary Volker Dipl. AVDC

The Mock is not just taking an exam. It is about sharing what works in practice! It allows you trial runs in organization of materials and equipment and putting it all together to be prepared for a 13 hour examination. Not only is it a sharing amongst fellow attendees but also from the teachers. The Animal Dental Training Center allows this to happen because of the intensiveness of the two days and the camaraderie that develops. There are no two Mocks that are the same. Different procedures are requested each year and therefore there is a progression of learning since more than half the time is spent in group critiquing. Since the specimens are anonymously critiqued only the candidates themselves know whose specimen is being looked at.

Please note: due to the very limited number of spaces (11) available in this program, course tuition is non-refundable unless the exam is not being held. Those doctors interested in registering for the Mock but dependent on passing their Written and Bench exams in January should wait and not immediately register until they can fully commit. We will be making the final decision to hold the course, based on participant numbers, by the end of February 2017.


Event type: Continuing Education / Wet-Lab / Lecture

Event Address: Animal Dental Training Center7611 Philadelphia Rd., Baltimore, Maryland, United States

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Sponsor: Ira Luskin, Dr. med Vet, FAVD, DAVDC, DEVDC

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