2016 CenCan Conference


Date: February 05 - February 07, 2016


13 Reasons to Visit Winnipeg in February!Although the weather is not one of those reasons, the speakers certainly are. We are thrilled to have Mark Opperman as one of our 13 speakers this year. Mark has consulted with more than 1,500 veterinary hospitals throughout North America and is a highly-sought speaker who has extensively assisted veterinarians and their management teams both nationally and internationally.This years CenCan Conference offers something for everyone. With such a dynamic lineup of speakers, we are confident attendance will be very high for those wanting quality continuing education. DR. PAUL FRICKE - DAIRY CATTLE REPRODUCTION1. Strategies for submitting dairy cows for first insemination (1.5 CE credit hours)2. Strategies for nonpregnancy diagnosis (1.5 CE credit hours)3. Strategies for resynchronizing nonpregnant dairy cows for second and greater insemination (1.5 CE credit hours)DR. ED PAJOR - CATTLE HANDLING & BEHAVIOUR1. Cattle handling (1.5 CE credit hours)2. Cattle behaviour (1.5 CE credit hours) DR. JAYNE TAKAHASHI - COMMUNICATION1. Who is your client? (1.5 CE credit hours)2. You only care about the money (1.5 CE credit hours)3. What do I say? (1.5 CE credit hours)DR. MICHEL LVY - INTERNAL MEDICINE1. Sheep GI parasites and anthelmintic resistance (1.5 CE credit hours)2. Equine neurologic examination and diseases (1.5 CE credit hours) DR. TRISHA DOWLING - PHARMACOLOGY1. Prudent use of antimicrobials in large animals(1.5 CE credit hours)2. Drug residues in food animals (1.5 CE credit hours) DR. NIGEL CAULKETT - ANESTHESIOLOGY1. Update on small animal anesthesia and analgesia(1.5 CE credit hours)2. Anesthesia of avian and exotic pets (1.5 CE credit hours)3. Practical large animal anesthesia and supportive care (1.5 CE credit hours) DR. MARIE HOLOWAYCHUK - EMERGENCY & CRITICAL CARE1. Management of cats in shock (1.5 CE credit hours)2. Respiratory emergencies: taking the stress out of respiratory distress (1.5 CE credit hours)3. Laboratory assessment of bleeding patients (1.5 CE credit hours) DR. JOE BRACAMONTE - EQUINE1. Wounds in horses: The nuts and bolts in wound management (1.5 CE credit hours)2. Lameness in the horse: how to perform a correct lameness examination and management of the common foot disorders (1.5 CE credit hours) DR. FRASER HALE - DENTISTRY1. Intra-oral dental radiography why is it essential, the equipment needed and how to get diagnostic images. (1.5 CE credit hours)2. Periodontal disease (1.5 CE credit hours)3. Pro-active dental care (1.5 CE credit hours)4. Intra-oral dental radiology (1.5 CE credit hours)MR. MARK OPPERMAN - BUSINESS MANAGEMENT1. Financial reporting and inventory control (1.5 CE credit hours)2. Exceeding your clients expectations (1.5 CE credit hours)3. Inside the exam room (1.5 CE credit hours)4. Communication - the key to success (1.5 CE credit hours)DR. MARGIE SCHERK - FELINE HEALTH & BEHAVIOUR1. Respectful cat handling vs. cat wrangling (1.5 CE credit hours)2. Feline liver and renal health: what role might nutraceuticals play? (1.5 CE credit hours)3. Analgesia for feline arthritis (1.5 CE credit hours)4. Skinny old cats: aging gracefully, medicine for the senior and geriatric patient (1.5 CE credit hours) MR. RUSS CHAMBERS (HOMEWOOD HEALTH) - CONFLICT MANAGEMENT1. Handle with care conflict resolution in the workplace (1.5 CE credit hours) DR. CHRIS ENRIGHT - WORKING WITH WILDLIFELecture and wet lab topic to be determined1. Lecture (1.5 CE credit hours)2. Wet Lab 1 (1.5 CE credit hours)3. Wet Lab 2 (1.5 CE credit hours)More information to be added as it become available.For more information, please contact:Tracy ReesMVMA Member Services CoordinatorEmail: trees@mvma.caPhone: 204-832-1276 ext. 3.

Event type: CE Conference

Event Address: Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre1808 Wellington Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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For More Information:Tracy Rees,Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association

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