11th International Symposium For Hyperbaric Medicine

July 6, 2017

Date: August 18 - August 20, 2017


11th International Symposium For Hyperbaric Medicine - HBOT2017Background About this Event:11th International Symposium for Hyperbaric Medicine is a well-established International Conferenceand Expo and has traditionally taken place every 2 years. It was originally started by the pioneer inhyperbaric medicine, the late Dr. Richard Neubauer. Today, the event is now an annual event and isattended by physicians, technicians and nurses who specialize in all areas of hyperbaric medicine.New for 2017, will be the addition of Hyperbaric Medicine and Veterinarian, based on the theme: TheOxygen Revolution: Healing across the Spectrum of Disease and Beings. Veterinarians can expect to:-Learn about a new conventional discipline and therapy that can be used in animals.-Another treatment option for various diseases in animals that can be used as a primarytherapy but is usually used in conjunction with other conventional therapies-Gain knowledge about the indications and uses-To interact with physicians and other professionals in the discipline of hyperbaricmedicine-To find out about the current status in the clinical application of hyperbaric medicine inanimalsDates: August 18-20th 2017Location: Inter-Continental Hotel, 444 Saint Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130Target Audience: MDs, NDs, DOs, Nurses, Technicians, DVMs and medical professionals thatwork in the Hyperbaric Medicine environmentCMEs: 19.5 AMA PRA Category 1 Physician Credits. Also, the NBDHMT has awarded this program3 Category A and 17 Category B continuing education credits.Topics Covered: Wound Care, TBI, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Oncology, Sport Injuries, AcuteConcussion, Chronic Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Veterinarian and HBOT, and much morepresides.Website: www.hbot2017.comRegistration: http://www.hbot2017.com/registration.htmlContact: Sharon@hbotconferences.comTel: 954 540 1896

Event type: Symposium

Event Address: Inter-Continental Hotel444 Saint Charles Ave, New orleans, LA, USA

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