10 ways to tell clients cat vomit isnt normal


Occasional hairballs and vomit are a part of every cat owners life at one time or another. But maybe your hospital can help cats with proper diet, lifestyle changes and diagnosis and treatment. And you can tell clients about it right now with these social media posts.

Time to help kitties keep food down? Here's some language for social media posts. (Adobe Stock)Longer posts for Facebook and similar channels

> Is your cat throwing up more than 2x/month? Is it happening more often? Is your cat losing weight (and you don't know why?) Your veterinarian can help you with food and lifestyle choices that could help your vomiting kitty, and test for serious conditions like inflammatory bowel disease and lymphoma. We can help!

> Your kitty's vomiting may be caused by inflammatory bowel disease, a result of an irritant in the diet or just an abnormal immune system reacting to normal things in food. Our veterinary team may be able to help with ideas for lifestyle and diet changes as well as diagnostics to rule out other serious conditions. Call or email for an appointment.

> Medicine, special diets, probiotics or vitamin injections might help your cat with vomiting. Make an appointment with us today to find the right approach to your kitty's recurring regurgitation.

> Diets with fiber can make hairballs less common in your cat's life, but the latest medicine shows that some of these issues are not dietary, but signs of a more serious condition. Time to talk to our team for the right diagnosis to your cat's hairy situation.

> Barf happens to everybody once in a while. But if your cat is throwing up regularly, and you're not 100% sure why, we can help. Relief might be just around the corner at the hospital …

Why pet owners shouldn't ignore frequent vomitings and hairballs

Want an in-depth client handout that spells out for feline lovers that these signs need to be checked out by a professional? Download this PDF here.

Shorter posts for Twitter and similar channels

> It's NOT normal (or healthy) for a cat to regularly throw up. Make an appointment with us today. We're here to help.

> People get IBD (irritable bowel disorder). Cats get inflammatory bowel disease, which can be caused by irritants in your cat's diet. We're here to help.

> Hairballs are not always a sign of a cat's diet problem. Sometimes it can be more serious, but treatable. Come see us today for solutions.

> Drugs, diets, probiotics and vitamin injections from your veterinarian might all spell relief for your vomiting cat. Make an appointment today to figure out what'll work for your favorite feline.

> Before you give up on solving your cat's frequent vomiting, come see your veterinarian. Let's see if we can't #BeatBarf together.

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