10 Things you should know about your practice


It's pop quiz time. Test yourself and your team with these essential questions.

It’s pop quiz time. Test yourself and your team with these 10 essential questions about your practice. Plan a prize for each team member who earns a perfect score.

1. Where are all the fire extinguishers in your practice?

2. Who spent the most money at your practice last year? Name the top 10 families and their pets.

3. What’s your practice’s Web site address? What information does your practice post there, and who’sin charge of updating the site?

4. What’s your practice’s mission statement?

5. What’s your practice’s payment policy? What do you do when a client can’t pay?

6. What are the handouts you include in your practice’s puppy and kitten kits and wellness packets?

7. How and where should you exit the practice during an emergency? What’s your practice’s protocol?

8. What are your practice’s top three goals for the year?

9. What are the names of each team member’s spouse, partner, or children—two- and four-legged?

10. What does it cost the practice to provide yourbenefits package?

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