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From an unlikely meeting at the start of the journey of a lifetime to establishing a business to change the lives of others, Alyssa Mages and Caitlin Keat have been through it all. They founded Empowering Veterinary Teams (EVT) in 2019 to provide comprehensive, multi- disciplinary veterinary training and content that meets the industry’s and our clients’ specific and evolving needs. They are advocates of growth & empowerment to provide the highest standards of veterinary care to create positive and dynamic work environments. They hope you will join them as they live their values:.

Industry providers, individuals, and teams in practice to keep them at the forefront of veterinary medicine.

Everyone we work with to allow them to identify their strengths & recognize their ability to impact one another in a positive & meaningful way.

As a company and as people to practice awareness, mindfulness, honesty & integrity and continue to impart this in all that we do to enact a positive momentum for change – personally, professionally, in the veterinary industry & worldwide.

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