August 2017

ACVIM 2017: Chemotherapy-Induced Vomiting and Inappetence

August 31, 2017

Conference Coverage

A survey of veterinary cancer specialists reveals which chemotherapeutics oncologists commonly avoid and which drugs they use to address these common adverse effects in their patients.

WVC 2017: Managing Cats With Upper Respiratory Infection

August 27, 2017

Conference Coverage

If you see cats in your practice, you undoubtedly will see a significant number of upper respiratory infections. At the 2017 Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, Dr. Mike Lappin discussed 2 of the leading causes of respiratory infections in cats—bacterial and viral.

AAHA 2017: Does Your Practice's Biosecurity Protocol Need a Tune-Up?

August 26, 2017

Conference Coverage

To some, a mundane task like cleaning an examination table between appointments may seem unimportant. But this simple action, and its role in biosecurity, deserves more focus than it sometimes receives.

AAHA 2017: Analysis of Pleural, Peritoneal Fluid

August 22, 2017

Conference Coverage

Proper analysis of pleural or peritoneal fluid can go a long way toward verifying a diagnosis and directing treatment recommendations. Sample preparation and handling can have a significant effect on the accuracy of test results.