Nicola M. Parry, BVSc, MRCVS, MSc, DACVP, ELS


The Veterinarian's Role in Beekeeping

In this billion-dollar industry, veterinarians are a major asset in maintaining the health of bee colonies.

ACVP 2017: Test-driving CARs to Treat Canine Lymphoma

Hope—in the form of chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy—is on the horizon for extended remission in dogs with hematologic B-cell malignancies.

AVMA 2018: A Stepwise Approach to Investigating Hematuria in Dogs

Determining the cause of blood in the urine requires an organized method that includes a careful history, urinalysis, and more.

AVMA 2018: Treating Zoonotic Diseases - Can Vets and MDs Unite?

A One Health expert explains why—and how—physicians and veterinarians need to join forces to improve management of zoonotic diseases in people and animals.