An overdue awakening: Addressing systemic racism in veterinary medicine

The demand for equity, diversity, and inclusion is being heard throughout the nation. In the veterinary profession, affinity groups are demanding less talk and more action.

Royal Canin supports WSAVA Global Nutrition Committee

The WSAVA Global Nutrition Committee and Royal Canin have joined forces to help promote the distribution of credible pet nutrition resources.

WVC moves to fall in 2021

Viticus Group has announced that the WVC Annual Conference will take place in September next year and will include a virtual component.

Florida becomes 44th US Jurisdiction to accept PAVE Certificate

Florida now accepts the Program for the Assessment of Veterinary Education Equivalence (PAVE) Certificate as part of the license process for international veterinary students.

Episode 4: Veterinary street medicine—a labor of love

Pets are good for everyone, including the homeless, but how do pets in homeless populations receive basic veterinary care? Enter Dr. John Geller and The Street Dog Coalition.