A deep dive into rabbit gastrointestinal stasis syndrome


Learn tips and tricks for dealing with rabbit gastrointestinal stasis syndrome and related GI issues

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Laila Proença, DVM, PhD, MV, MSc, DACZM, joins The Vet Blast Podcast to talk access to education and rabbit medicine. She and Adam Christman, DVM, MBA focus on GI syndrome in rabbits and share diagnostic and treatment tips.

Below is a partial transcript. Listen to the full podcast for more.

Laila Proença, DVM, PhD, MV, MSc, DACZM: GI syndrome is not a name that everybody's familiar with because people refer to GI stasis as the syndrome, but GI stasis is just one part of the syndrome that may or may not happen, which is hypomotility...Things are not moving, but we don't have any dilatation; we don't have any gas; we don't have any obstructions...We call it syndrome because it's multifactorial. It's not just about diet. It's not just about using our current medications. It's not just about stress. It is way deeper than that.

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