Michael H. Riegger, DVM, DABVP

Michael Riegger, DVM, DABVP, is chief medical officer at Northwest Animal Clinic Hospital and Specialty Practice.


The veterinary brain, interrupted

Interruptions kill productivity, making your brain work harder to cope. Try these 12 steps to increase your focus and enhance patient care at your veterinary clinic.

Prevent explosions by tackling conflict at its source

Identify and address the root of each problem promptly-you'll learn from your issues and create a pleasant environment at your veterinary practice.

It's true: Walmart can be a veterinary practice builder

Sound impossible? It's not. Embracing the $4 prescription model will benefit your veterinary practice and help you provide the best care for patients.

Examples of issues to track on green sheets in your veterinary hospital

Here are some issues currently on my green sheets.