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Treat or euthanize? Putting it all together: Prognostic indicators

A look at the positive and negative indicators for anxiety and aggression treatment outcome.

Case studies in behavioral pharmacological therapy (Proceedings)

Our knowledge of the brain on the neurochemical, genetic and molecular level is increasing steadily each year. Despite this, little is definitively known about the neurochemical correlates of various disease processes. Much of our knowledge concerning the etiology of mental illness comes from response to pharmacological intervention.

Behavior tips every practitioner should know (Proceedings)

Frustrated by that cat with chronic progressive renal disease that won't eat anything but its old diet? What about the cat that exhibits enduring anorexia after being ill even though you can't find any persisting medical reason? While there often are no simple answers for fixing these cases, there are simple ways to prevent your new kitten patients from developing into a future finicky eater.