Jennifer L. Garcia, DVM, DACVIM

Dr. Garcia is a veterinary internal medicine consultant in Houston, Texas.


Olfactory enrichment for cats: alternatives to catnip

Cats that are immune to the powers of catnip may still be able to enjoy that special brand of feline fun with alternative plant materials that may work just as well.

Canine myxomatous mitral valve heart disease: When to medicate?

A new study shows that intervention with pimobendan may be helpful in asymptomatic dogs with structural cardiac changes.

What are the best practices for antibiotic use in pneumonia, bronchitis and pyothorax?

In pneumonia and pyothorax cases, treatment while awaiting test results is recommended, but not in bronchitis cases.

What are the best practices for antibiotic use in canine infectious respiratory disease complex?

A 10-day observation period is recommended in dogs with mild clinical signs as most pathogens involved in this respiratory disease are viral.