Zomedica acquires Assisi Animal Health assets


Focused on products for companion animals, the veterinary health company continues to expand

Assets of Assisi Animal Health, an industry leader in targeted pulsed electromagnetic field (tPEMF) technology, have been acquired by Zomedica, a veterinary health company offering diagnostic and therapeutic products for companion animals. Announced today,1 this acquisition follows Zomedica’s acquisition of Revo Squared, a digital imaging company, which was announced earlier this month.2

Assisi created the innovative Loop line of tPEMF devices for companion animals to provide a safe, drug-free alternative for treating pain, inflammation, anxiety, or behavioral disorders. According to Assisi Animal Health CEO Francis Russo, the company’s products have helped more than 100,000 pets over the past 8 years.1

"Assisi Animal Health and the Loop line of products have been a passionate commitment for the Assisi team since day one," said Russo, in the press release. "We knew this technology could help pets live fuller, pain-free lives and we've focused on making it available to all who need it. We have partnered with the veterinary community to refine and expand our products, to sponsor rigorous clinical research, and to create a market for our proprietary tPEMF therapy… With this acquisition, we are excited to see where Zomedica will take the Loop next and how many more pets will be helped."1

PEMF technology was cleared for use in humans in 2010, and since 2013 Assisi has conducted clinical studies using the tPEMF technology and its effectiveness in pain management, advancing healing, and controlling anxiety in companion animals. Assisi products are supported by peer-reviewed clinical studies and publications and over 40 key veterinary opinion leaders worldwide. According to Zomedica, Assisi Loop products are global leaders in the field of both firstline and alternative tPEMF therapy and are sold around the world to help reduce pain and inflammation in the animals with whom we share our lives, according to the release. These products are available from veterinarians and additional sales channels.1

"This acquisition adds a growing product line that furthers our commitment to providing solutions that deliver enhanced companion animal care, while improving practice efficiency and economics," said Larry Heaton, CEO of Zomedica, in the release. "The Assisi products fit nicely into our growing therapeutics segment. They are complementary with PulseVet Shock Wave therapy, in that they are designed to be used after shock wave therapy is delivered in the clinic, by the pet parent at home, and are provided by Veterinarians to pet parents to extend the therapy.”1

According to Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, chief veterinary officer for dvm360®, the integration of tPEMF and focus shock wave energy will provide comfortable treatment for many animal species and progresses integrative modalities for a variety of conditions. "This incredibly progressive technology will continue to advance and elevate veterinary care," he added.1

The acquisition to Assisi Animal Health marks the latest area of growth for Zomedica, following the acquisition of Revo Squared and construction of a new global manufacturing and distribution center in Roswell, Georgia.3 The final development manufacturing, and distribution for Revo Squared’s MicroView digital cytology platform is expected to move to the new Roswell facility, which offers capital improvements, expansion in manufacturing capacity, and advanced technologies, over the existing manufacturing and distribution center.2,3

Construction on the new facility is expected to be completed in August 2022, according to Zomedica.3


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