Zoetis to Release In-House Veterinary Diagnostic Instrument

February 28, 2018
Amanda Carrozza

Amanda Carrozza is a freelance writer and editor in New Jersey.

Set to launch in March, this standalone system will provide in-house reference-lab quality testing to high-volume veterinary clinics and regional laboratories.

Zoetis Inc. has announced it is bringing to market a high-quality diagnostic instrument for high-volume veterinary clinics and regional laboratories. Carysta HVC (high volume chemistry) is a standalone, tabletop system designed to provide in-house reference-lab quality testing.

“The instrument’s innovative design enables our veterinary customers to achieve greater throughput and high-level test performance,” said Lisa Lee, vice president of US diagnostics and business solutions at Zoetis.

The single system is based on liquid reagent technology and will offer a menu of 37 routine and specialty parameters available as singly selected tests or fully customizable panels. The chemistry machine provides practices with the ability to run multiple patient samples simultaneously with minimal sample volumes. It’s also promoted to give veterinarians the ability to add urgent samples with no workflow interruption.

In its product announcement, Zoetis said Carysta HVC is part of a growing commitment to veterinary diagnostics, enabling the company to support veterinarians in their ability to predict, detect, prevent, and treat disease.

Carysta HVC is expected to be launched in March through an exclusive partnership with DiaSys Diagnostic Systems.