Zoetis adds AI blood smear testing to Vetscan Imagyst diagnostic platform


Vetscan Imagyst now offers AI blood smear analysis, AI fecal analysis, and digital cytology image transfer in a single platform

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This article was updated April 21, 2022.

Regular blood tests can be a valuable tool for identifying health risks. Although they are important for every pet, blood tests can often have a slow turnaround process in order to receive results. To combat this struggle, Zoetis added AI blood smear testing to its multipurpose platform, Vetscan Imagyst. Zoetis claims that this addition will help streamline the process and offer more extensive “real-time diagnostic capabilities” for veterinarians to use in the clinic with faster turnaround times and fewer delays.

With this new technology, AI blood smear review can provide complete blood count (CBC) results within minutes.1 Zoetis emphasizes that this speed and efficiency does not sacrifice the accuracy of the results provided. According to Zoetis, the AI-driven analysis will also clarify abnormalities, provide an estimated platelet count, verify white blood cell differential, and identify and count polychromatophils, among other details.1

Vetscan Imagyst also includes other applications, including AI fecal analysis and digital cytology image transfer.The platform uses a compact scanner alongside the new AI capabilities.1

On the Vetscan Imagyst website, visitors can find more information about this new technology with the option to request a demo or view various resources, including user guides, how to videos, and testomonials.2 There is a user guide for each application: AI blood smear, digital cytology, and AI fecal analysis.

Senior vice president and head of US diagnostics at Zoetis, Mike Sullivan says, “As technology continues to evolve, Zoetis will add new applications, providing veterinarians and their staff with the most advanced technology solutions that enable them to make important treatment decisions at the point of care.1

Vetscan Imagyst is available in the US, UK, Canada, EU, Australia, and New Zealand.


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