Your Veterinary Voice Episode 2: Meet Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB


We've long admired Dr. Radosta's no-nonsense take on pets' behavior problems. What we didn't expect was to be so utterly captivated by her outlook on parenting, veterinary life and animal welfare. This interview is a thing of beauty. Do yourself a favor and listen.

Lisa Radosta, DVM, DACVB, has a way about her. She draws you in, and then gently blows your mind with insightful commentary--and not just of the veterinary variety. Sure, she's a pro when it comes to diagnosing and treating behavior problems, and she's got a mountain of tips to help you better communicate with clients about issues like fear, stress and anxiety.

But beyond the medicine, Dr. Radosta offers a philosophy about parenting, practice ownership and helping those less fortunate in a way that's both nonjudgmental and self-assure--a wicked combination, in our eyes. We came away inspired, and we hope you do too.

Short on time? NBD. Here are the highlights:

At 4:25, Dr. Radosta talks nature vs. nurture--she couldn't live without pets, and her kid couldn't care less--and how it "excites" her that clients are usually blamed for behavior problems in pets. Want more where this comes from?

> Forget dominance, let's talk fear-based aggression in dogs.

> Don't hate, communicate with your veterinary clients.

> Although sometimes, it's OK to admit you're pissed off.

At 8:05, we ask Dr. Radosta for her thoughts on whether it's easy to fall into the trap of judging clients.

> For another perspective, here's a vet who judges his clients and believes it's OK.

At 12:55, Dr. Radosta explains her exam-room hack of giving clients a "job," what that means and how it'll help with a pet's stress and anxiety in the long run.

> Signs of fear aren't a trade secret. Help clients help their pets by recognizing fear.

> And when clients say, "But MY dog's not scared"--answer with this.

At 22:15, Dr. Radosta gets real about what it's like to work in her clinic and how she figures out whether her belief systems will mesh with a new hire.

> Oh, we're all about this: How to hire team members who fit your practice culture.

At 29:45, Dr. Radosta puts on her practice owner hat to discuss how behavior cases can actually make you money.

> Meanwhile, here are 5 ways to make your practice's door swing.

At 32:10, we ask big questions about personal life. Dr. Radosta talks about her philosophy of "no shame," glitter on the floor of her practice, and why motherhood is her legacy (not veterinary medicine).

> Here are some of our favorite reads and Ted talks on the subjects of vulnerability and shame.

> And here's how another veterinarian lives with no regrets.

And at 39:45--spoiler alert, have your tissues ready--Dr. Radosta talks about working with cats in a shelter in post-Katrina New Orleans, her plans for the future and what veterinary medicine means to the world.

> Here's more on how to give back with a purpose.


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