Your Veterinary Voice Episode 1: Meet Dave Nicol, BVMS


Veterinary medicine's Great Scot (by way of Australia) shares thoughts on success, his ability to connect with clients, his entrepreneurial spirit and Dr. Who. It's a good time.

We made a podcast, people! And we couldn't have asked for a better guest for our first episode, Dr. Dave Nicol, a veterinarian, entrepreneur, writer and practice management consultant based in Sydney, Australia. Here, Business Channel Director Brendan Howard and Dr. Dave talk about how a little kid from Scotland could find success in veterinary medicine, what makes the difference in the exam room, and all the quirks (Dr. Who, anyone?) that make the man. Welcome to the first-ever episode of Your Veterinary Voice.


Short on time? It's cool. We're here for you!

At ~3:45, Dr. Dave discusses the origins of his entrepreneurial spirit. Want more where that comes from?

> Here are 10 ways to be a successful entrepreneur in veterinary medicine.

> Here's how to channel your inner entrepreneur for success.

At ~12:00, Brendan and Dr. Dave talk hard skills vs. soft skills.

> We have all the client communication tips, tools and articles you could possibly dream of right here.

> In the battle of effort vs. skill, who wins? Here's the answer.

At ~19:00 Dr. Dave discusses how he came up with the core values in his practice and what the heck that has to do with the Dr. Who TV show. It's worth the listen. And here's some follow-up reading material ...

> How to establish core values in your practice.

> Tips (from Dr. Nicol himself!) to stop the blame culture at your practice and the 5 hiring fouls veterinarians make.

Bonus time!

Here is more of our favorite advice from Dr. Nicol:

> Who should discuss costs with pet owners?

> Um, have you heard of this thing called "social media"? :)

> The top 5 ways to know that time is kicking your butt.


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