Your veterinary practice needs Bash Halow the way flowers need the rain


Come see what I mean at CVC Kansas City.

As organizer of the Practice Management tracks at CVC, I don't invite speakers if I don't think they're extremely smart and can help you fix your problems. That's a given. They will help you be better.

But there are only a handful of speakers in the veterinary world who match practice management wisdom with 1) the active listening skills of amazing teachers, 2) the fun, high-energy delivery of TED talkers and 3) the evidence of their own continual, active learning.

One of those special teachers and speakers is Bash Halow, and he is all over my Practice Management schedule at CVC Kansas City Saturday, Aug. 28 to Monday, Aug. 31.

What Bash is teaching at CVC Kansas City

Saturday, Aug. 29

> Don't have a heart(worm) attack! Attacking heartworms on every level of practice (with Drs. Michael Dryden and David Liss) 

> Dentistry: A team sport! Fumbles penalties or touchdowns? (with Dr. Heidi Lobprise and dental veterinary technician Annie Mills)

> Management, marketing, growth centers and client education that will genuinely impact revenue

Sunday, Aug. 30

> Build a new business model for the 21st century

> Case study: Veterinary phone call disasters

> Leaders, you are not alone: Top tips from the nation's top veterinary leaders

> EVENING SESSION: Stop the day-to-day time suckers and start managing for the future

Monday, Aug. 31

> 5 sure-fire ways to improve your bottom line

> Conquering the cold shoulder: Fixing team communication

> "Right up": Employee discipline that shows results

> Why your team is mad at you-and how to fix it

> Building a shopaholic-friendly clinic pharmacy

> 10 take-home marketing tactics to try today

And you won't want to miss him.

Bash-sorry, it's just weird to call such a personable guy by his last name-has been a technician and a practice manager and knows your problems. He knows you're busy. He knows your job as a manager or owner or team leader is hard. He knows the world is changing, and it's hard to keep up. He is right there with you.

Great teachers address the specific questions and concerns of their classes and audiences. Bash does that.

Great speakers maintain a high level of energy to keep you from fading under those dim conference lights and cool air-conditioning conditions. Bash does that.

Best of all, great people continue to learn and change and grow, and you can hear and see that in action whenever you talk to Bash. He's always looking for the next new thing that could work better than the old thing we're all comfortable with. He's always learning. Just like you.

That's why you will kick yourself if you miss the chance to learn from and be inspired by Bash's sessions with in-the-trenches tips, takeaway action steps and serious practice management issues.

Look at his sessions for CVC Kansas City in the sidebar at right. Email me at with questions. Then register right now.

P.S. Bash and I are working hard on ways to make sure the session learning doesn't end with the conference but continues back at your veterinary hospital with your entire team. Stay tuned, and see if our experiment works at CVC Kansas City!

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