Is your dream job just a fantasy?


Five myths to forget before you find the perfect position.

You're closer to your dream job than you realize. In fact, you may already be in your ideal spot and just need a wake-up call to recognize it. Consider this your career reality check. Yahoo!hotjobs compiled the top five myths that keep workers from finding career bliss. Here they are-and how you can overcome them.

Myth 1: There's no such thing as a dream job

For every dream, there is a job. You just have to pinpoint what your dream is in order to find the position that will help you obtain your goals. For example, is it more important that you enjoy what you do or that you take home a hefty paycheck?

Myth 2: For every person, there's just one dream job

Chances are you'll find success and happiness in several positions so don't limit yourself to one title-or field. To help expand your horizons, make a list of the qualities you enjoy in your current position-working with clients, helping animals-and what items you'd like to add-flexible hours, supervising others. Then talk to your manager about ways to incorporate those additional desires.

Myth 3: Dream jobs pay well

Some do and some don't. But when you're doing something you love, money may become less of an issue. Your career's worth all goes back to what your definition of a dream job.

Myth 4: Everybody has a calling

Some people have a clear sense of what they want to do for a living. It may be something they enjoy or something they just have a knack for. Or it may be something that just fell into their laps. Don't be pigeonholed into a title. Keep your mind open and accept new responsibilities. Who knows, that new job or duty may just be your true calling.

Myth 5: Dream jobs never involve bad days

Landing a job that makes you happy every day is like finding a mate who never drives you crazy. It's impossible. A dream job, just like a healthy relationship, means fewer bad days than good. So no matter where you work, always try to look on the bright side. Again, go back to your list of what you enjoy about your job and what you'd like to change.

Take stock of your job.What would make you happier? Now go after it. Already happy? Enjoy the dream-it's a reality.

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