Your clinic needs more cats


The feline sector is the biggest untapped growth opportunity for companion animal veterinarians. Here's how to become more feline-friendly (and how you'll benefit).

If you want to be one of the best, there's no need to dream it up yourself.

Get your hands on Benchmarks 2016: A Study of Well-Managed Practices and let those all-star practices-the ones that provide top-notch animal care while making serious bank-show you the way.

Benchmarks 2016 has action steps to ...

> increase profits

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> take advantage of technology

> get ready for transition

Here's where to get it.

As the most popular pet in North America, cats represent a tremendous opportunity for the veterinary profession. The most recent American Veterinary Medical Association census estimates that there are 74 million cats owned as pets and another 50 million feral or “community” cats in the United States.

While dogs visit the veterinarian an average of 2.6 times per year, those cats that see a veterinarian at all visit just 1.6 times per year-about half as often as dogs. This makes the feline sector the biggest untapped growth opportunity for companion animal veterinarians. 

One way to capitalize on this op-purrr-tunity is to make your clinic more feline friendly. Here's how Well-Managed Practices are benefiting from doing just that (plus some tips on changes you can make in your practice).

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