The top 10 veterinary news stories of 2014


It's that time again. This roundup pulls together the most-read veterinary news stories of 2014.

While 2014 was a year of highs and lows, with plenty of attention-grabbing headlines, we at dvm360 wondered what stories garnered the most interest of our readers. Using online page-view analytics we rounded up the most read articles into the gallery on the following pages. Click the headline links to read the full versions.


10. Oregon veterinarian imprisoned in Southeast Asia

A trip of a lifetime turned into a nightmare for Stacey Addison, DVM, after she was imprisoned in a Timor Leste jail for being witness to a crime. Under Timorese law, Addison could be held for a year without being charged, leaving her unable to return to the United States.


9. Learning goodbye: Veterinarians fill a void by focusing on end of life care

Veterinarians focusing on hospice and euthanasia care are stepping into an area that a growing number of clients are asking for.



8. Fairness to Pet Owners Act introduced in U.S. Senate

While it never made it out of committee, this bill would have required veterinarians to provide clients with written prescriptions for pet medications regardless of whether such a prescription is requested by the client. It would also have prohibited veterinarians from charging a script-writing fee or asking clients to sign a liability waiver related to writing the script.


7. Too many veterinarians? AVMA panel tackles hot topic

A panel that took place during the 2014 AVMA convention discussed whether or not excess capacity issues will push the profession past the point of no return. Dennis McCurnin, DVM, MS, DACVS, James Wilson, DVM, JD, Mark Cushing, JD, and Paul Pion, DVM, DACVIM, debated this hot topic.



6. Veterinarian, parents murdered at their western Kentucky home

Emily Champion, DVM, her parents Joy and Lindsey Champion and Vito Riservato were found murdered in their home on October 26. Champion, who was home visiting her parents, had been working at Baronne Veterinary Clinic Equine Medical and Surgical Facility in Sunset, Louisiana. Her brother, Ryan Champion, was subsequently charged with the murders.


5. Neutering effects more severe for golden retrievers than Labs

Researchers at the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine found that golden retrievers had a higher occurrence of joint disorders and certain cancers than Labrador retrievers when comparing the incidence of these conditions between breeds in neutered and non-neutered animals.



4. The surprising places xylitol is found

Xylitol, an artificial sweetener, is found in more than just chewing gum and dental products these days. Now smoking cessation products, nasal sprays, multivitamins and more products contain the chemical, which can cause hypoglycemia and hepatic necrosis in dogs.


3. Veterinary community stunned by Sophia Yin's unexpected death

Renowned veterinary behavior expert Sophia Yin, DVM, passed away due to suicide on September 28, leaving the veterinary community reeling and questioning the emotional toll the profession takes on its members.



2. An ailing veterinary profession: Six diagnostic indicators

This in-depth look at the health of the veterinary profession found that associates are struggling financially, some practices are failing to grow, practice ownership is becoming more and more elusive, and permanent changes need to be made to put the profession back on the path to financial success.



1. Exclusive report: New complaint filed against Dr. Pol

Controversial reality veterinarian Jan Pol, DVM, made headlines again when a new complaint was filed against him with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs regarding the content of his National Geographic Wild show. dvm360 brought you the exclusive story, speaking with Eden Myers, DVM, who filed the complaint.

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