WSAVA WOW debuts the Veterinary Oncology Glossary


The resource was designed to enhance pet parents’ knowledge surrounding veterinary oncology.

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The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) Oncology Working Group (WOW) has released a Veterinary Oncology Glossary featuring terms used frequently in this realm of veterinary medicine.

According to an association release, the glossary simplifies the complexities of cancer by using a straightforward language to explain terms related to the the presentation, diagnosis, and treatment of oncology. It also displays accompanying images to illustrate key vocabulary terms. The goal is to empower pet parents to discuss care for their pet with a veterinarian from a more educated perspective.

“Cancer has a language all of its own and, during our early WOW Group discussions, it became obvious that, in order to improve communication between veterinary professionals and owners, there was an urgent need for a globally accessible resource to help owners better understand cancer terminology,” said Nick Bacon, a RCVS- Recognized Specialist in Small Animal Surgery (Oncology) and a European Specialist in Small Animal Surgery, WOW group member professor, in the release.

“Our Oncology Glossary is the result. We hope it will enable owners to feel on a more equal footing when they are discussing their pet’s condition with veterinary professionals. We hope it will also increase the consistency and effectiveness of communication about veterinary oncology globally,” he added.

Bacon also noted that the WOW will regularly update the Veterinary Oncology Glossary, and they are currently working on developing additional practical, user-friendly resources to support veterinarians in this field.

Download or view the document here:


New glossary aims to improve communication surrounding veterinary oncology. News release. World Small Animal Veterinary Association. January 19, 2022. Accessed February 24, 2022.

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