Would you do more for the same pay to keep your job?


A new study shows that in a tight job market, many people would.

It's human nature to want to do less and still get more. But the current state of the economy has employees saying they're ready to do more for the same amount of money in order to keep their jobs. Almost 70 percent of U.S. employees say now is a good time to take on more responsibilities, according to the 2008 World of Work study published by Randstad USA. This figure is up five points from last year's survey. On the other hand, just 35 percent of employees feel comfortable asking for help to lighten their workload.

The study surveyed almost 3,500 people via an online poll. About 1,300 of the respondents were employers and about 2,200 were employees. Overall, these survey participants point to a general feeling of unease about the U.S. job market.

Veterinary team members have also expressed some concern about keeping their jobs. Perhaps it's smart to side with the people who participated in Randstad's study and offer to take on additional duties. However, don't be tempted to endure a job that isn't a good fit. The number of people staying in jobs they "hate" has decreased, according to the World of Work study. In 2004, 88 percent of people endured a bad job just so they'd have a job, whereas only 73 percent of employees in 2008 were willing to suffer through.

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