World News Roundup: May 26, 2017


In this week's roundup: pet wearables gaining popularity in China, the decline of pet vaccinations in the UK, and the Indian government's ban on the sale of cattle for slaughter.

Government Bans Sale of Cattle for Slaughter In India (The New Indian Express)

The Centre—the government in India—announced that the sale of cattle in animal markets for slaughter has been banned, and livestock can now only be sold for agriculture purpose after verifying the buyer is an agriculturist. “The rules come at a time when there have been incidents of people transporting cattle attacked by men affiliated to gau rakshak groups. The rules do not ban cattle slaughter or trade but regulate animal markets and illegal trade.”

Girl Dragged Into Water by Sea Lion Treated for Possible “Seal Finger” Infection (

The Canadian girl in the video that went viral last week, which showed the girl being pulled into the water by a sea lion, is being treated for a possible bacterial infection. “Marine life experts had warned she could be at risk for getting a rare infection referred to as seal finger.” These infections are caused when bacteria from a sea mammal's mouth make their way into a person's skin through a cut or wound.

Veterinary Clinic Bookkeeper Embezzles $40,000 (Columbian)

Beware vets: The former bookkeeper for a veterinary clinic in Canada who stole more than $40,000 to fund her own business is now in jail. “This was a journey I never imagined I would be on,” said a bewildered veterinarian.

Veterinary Clinic Seeks Professional “Cat Cuddler” (Huffington Post)

“A job opening at a veterinary clinic in Ireland is getting a ton of attention because, well, it basically sounds like a dream job for cat enthusiasts. “Cat Cuddler Needed!” reads the job posting at Just Cats Veterinary Clinic & Cattery, a veterinary clinic devoted to—you guessed it—cats.”

Becoming an International Veterinarian (VIN)

“As veterinarians who’ve left the U.S. to live abroad have discovered, all the research in the world can’t prepare you for everything, be it logistical snag, professional obstacle or plain ol’ homesickness. They’ll also say that the reward outweighs the hardship.” Here’s a good report.

New Pet Wearables Show Popularity In China (Reuters)

Pet wearables—such as smart collars, leashes, and feeders—are booming in China. “The electronic pet device market in China is still quite small but by some estimates is growing by a fifth or even a quarter every year.” It’s also forecasted that “China's share of the market will jump to more than 20% by 2024, by which time Transparency Market Research estimates the global market will be worth at least $2.5 billion.”

UK Report Shows Decline In Pet Vaccination (

Th PAW Report, which monitors pet welfare issues across the UK, just released this year’s report. “This year's PAW Report shows that just 75% of dogs (7.0 million) and 65% of cats (6.7 million) received a primary vaccination course when young. These are the lowest levels ever recorded by the Report and compares with 82% of dogs and 72% of cats in 2011.”

Old Veterinary Hospital Demolished In Bengaluru (

Trees are being torn down and familiar landmarks are being destroyed in Bengaluru, India, to keep up with the speed of growth in the city. Recent demolition included an old veterinary hospital, worrying animal lovers nearby. “Officials say it is progress as a new hospital will come up here, but there are concerns about the potential loss of a central lung space.”

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