World News Roundup: June 16, 2017


An Abu Dhabi hotel hiring cats to help employees beat stress, a Chinese city implementing a one-dog policy, an endangered lynx photographed for the first time in a decade and more in this week's world news roundup.

Israel Bans Live Animal Shipments from Romania (The Jerusalem Post)

“After discovering violations in a recent live shipment of sheep and cattle from Romania, the Israeli Agriculture Ministry’s Veterinary Services has ordered an immediate ban on such imports from the Eastern European country.” No further live animal shipments from Romania will be permitted until the issue is rectified.

Endangered Lynx Photographed for First Time in a Decade (Smithsonian Magazine)

Researchers in Macedonia recently discovered and were able to photograph a Balkan lynx kitten, which is the first newborn from the endangered subspecies recorded in a decade. “Lynx numbers have plummeted for many reasons, including habitat loss, hunting and revenge killings by farmers because the lynxes harass their livestock.” There are only about 50 Balkan lynxes left in the western Balkans.

Abu Dhabi Hotel Hiring Feline Friends (Gulf News)

The Jannah Hotels and Resorts in Abu Dhabi has employed 8 cats to help hotel employees beat stress. This follows news of a Japanese IT firm that hired 9 cats for the same reason. “The Bedouin-inspired collection of luxury hotels announced that the decision behind adding the feline pets to the workforce was to assist employees in unwinding and increasing productivity.”

Vegetarian Beef Farmer Gives Herd to Animal Sanctuary (BBC)

Jay Wilde, a vegetarian farmer in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, has given his herd of cows to an animal sanctuary. Says Wilde, “It was very difficult to do your best to look after them and then send them to the slaughterhouse.” The cows now live “essentially as pets” in the Hillside Animal Sanctuary near Frettenham, England.

Rhino Kills Hungarian Ecologist in Rwanda (ABC News)

“A wildlife official says a Hungarian ecologist has been killed by a rhinoceros in Rwanda's Akagera National Park while tracking animals there.” The ecologist, Krisztian Gyongyi, had been instrumental in supporting the reintroduction of black rhinos in the park, according to the CEO of African Parks in Rwanda.

Quindao Institutes One-Dog Policy (Smithsonian Magazine)

To limit the amount of disturbance caused by the ever-growing population of dogs in this Chinese city, officials are instituting a one-dog-per-household policy—infuriating many dog-owning residents. “Those who own more than one pooch will be required to surrender their furry friends to an adoption agency. The policy also bans a number of ‘ferocious’ dog breeds, among them Dobermans, pitbulls, and Tibetan mastiffs.”

Eagles Adopt Red-Tailed Hawk Chick (Smithsonian Magazine)

“For weeks, a pair of bald eagles have been raising an adopted red-tailed hawk chick as their own.” Red tails and eagles are not usually on the best of terms with one another, so this incident is very interesting to specialists. No one is certain how the tiny bird ended up in the eagle nest; some think the eagle swooped down on a hawk’s nest and scooped up 2 or 3 chicks for dinner. “The big question is: Will it survive the next week to get out of the nest?”

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