World News Roundup: August 11, 2017

August 11, 2017
Kerry Lengyel

This week in veterinary news from around the world: the contaminated egg scandal spreads deeper into Europe, tiger quadruplets make their adorable public debut, and new figures show that elephants and tigers kill 1 person per day in India.

Dutch Chicken Meat Tested as Contaminated Egg Scandal Widens (The Independent)

Dutch authorities “are currently testing chicken meat in the poultry farms where eggs were infected to determine whether the meat is contaminated as well,” said the spokesperson for the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. Traces of the pesticide fipronil have been reported in chicken eggs from across the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Germany as the contamination continues to spread.

Merck Animal Health to Purchase Manufacturing Facility in Austria (Merck)

Merck Animal Health has announced plans to purchase a new manufacturing facility in Krems, Austria, to boost its global vaccine production capacity. This new facility “provides MSD Animal Health additional manufacturing resources and advanced technology platforms to meet the growing demand for our vaccine products,” according to Joseph Morrissey, senior vice president of operations at MSD Animal Health.

Tiger Quadruplets Make Public Debut in Germany (CNN)

At Tierpark Hagenbeck zoo in Hamburg, quadruplet Siberian tiger cubs saw the outside world for the first time after being born on June 15. “One cub emerged and was quickly followed by its 3 siblings. The cubs began to explore the site, stumbling over the grass and sniffing the water in the pond.” They are the first cubs to be born at the zoo in 15 years.

Multiple Dog Attacks Spark Concern Among Cootamundra Residents (Cootamundra Herald)

Three separate accounts of dog attacks were reported to police in Cootamundra, Australia, this month, prompting safety concerns among pet owners and other residents in the region. Town council members are considering a number of pet control and awareness strategies. “We’ve recently run free microchipping sessions and one of the things we’re considering in the future is looking at education hubs with schools and shows," said a council spokesman.

Hanoi Tightens Bear Farm Monitoring with Microchipping Program (Vietnamnet Bridge)

“The Hanoi Forest Protection Department, in coordination with World Animal Protection, has recently completed a re-microchipping of over 200 captive bears on farms in Hanoi.” This microchipping program will provide a safer and more efficient way to monitor these bears without the need for anesthesia. Monitoring is crucial to ensure that bear farmers refrain from any form of exploitation of their captive bears, including illegal trading.

Elephants, Tigers Kill 1 Human Per Day in India (

According to new government figures, endangered elephants and tigers are killing 1 person per day in India due to their habitats being taken away by the human population. “According to the environment ministry, 1144 people were killed in attacks across India in 1143 days between April 2014 and May this year.” And there is no sign of the death toll decreasing, largely because urbanization has forced these animals into human-occupied areas. The figures also stated that 345 tigers and 84 elephants were killed by humans in the same period.

UK to Continue Using Animal Fat Traces in New Banknotes (BBC)

Vegans, Hindus, and Sikhs are against the use of tallow in the new plastic 5-euro notes that began circulating in September, and they’ve been fighting for either palm oil or coconut oil to be used instead. These alternatives were found to be nonviable and also more expensive, however, so “banknotes will continue to contain traces of animal products despite objections over the use of tallow in the Bank of England's polymer notes.”