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This dvm360 Leadership Challenge helps private practices work with, not against, shelters and rescue groups in the community.

We've spoken to enough veterinarians, team members and industry experts to know that not everyone is angry about the growing presence of shelters and other nonprofit entities that provide low- or subsidized-cost veterinary care to the pet-owning public. Many of you love these groups and work closely with them. And some of you see a benefit to your business, gaining lifetime pet-owning clients along the way.

After all, what looks better to a community of pet owners-and a new generation of socially conscious consumers-than a private practice that works hand-in-hand with a beloved agency devoted to stopping pet overpopulation and adopting out animals in need of a home?

If you'd like to stop competing and start cooperating wiith these groups in your community, check out the great resources below, starting with a Google+ Hangout on Air with a prominent private practitioner and a leader at the ASPCA.

Working with shelters: A Google+ Hangout on Air

The war between shelters, veterinarians needs to end

Despite veterinarians' legitimate gripes with some of these groups, they're hurting themselves by taking the fight public.

CATalyst gets shelter pets into veterinary clinics

One year in, this innovative program sees some success connecting adopters with local veterinarians.

Shelters and veterinarians: A look at the data

To take the pulse of the relationship between private practice veterinarians and shelters-a word we're using broadly to include rescue groups, foster organizations, municipal agencies and more-dvm360 surveyed both groups. Here's where things stand.

Why all the fuss about low-cost clinics?

This veterinarian thinks we can agree that spaying and neutering pets is a good thing. Her message? Stop being so concerned about who provides the service.

Defining animal welfare: What all those different organizations actually do

Animal welfare groups occupy the vast middle ground between two extremes: one of deficiency and the other of excess.

Video clip: Animal shelters, veterinarians and "the poison pill"

Dr. David Lane discusses how private practitioners can hurt themselves.

Audio clip: "No-kill" not a great term to use in conversations about shelters

Dr. Jed Rogers describes a different philosophy-and the "noble" work certain shelters perform.

In defense of low-cost, high-volume spay-neuter clinics

This proposed model ensures spay-neuter clinics and general veterinary practices can work in cooperation.

Making it work

Cavanaugh Pet Hospital dedicates itself to a positive relationship with shelter rescue groups.

Veterinarians and nonprofits: The war is over

Veterinarians fighting nonprofits are on the wrong side in pet owners' eyes. Here's one practice working with rescues to alleviate suffering and find new clients.

7 steps to a better relationship between veterinarians and rescue groups 

A DVM in the city shares his advice to veterinary practices for working with rescues.


Come together to work with veterinary shelters

Life is very short, and there's no time for fussing and fighting, my friend. Whether you work in private practice or at a shelter, it's time to come together right now for pets. All you need is love.

5 questions about veterinary shelter medicine-answered

This quick Q&A busts some of the biggest myths about shelters.

Shelter medicine: A view from both sides

Get the inside story of one veterinarian's transition to shelter medicine and, along the way, let's debunk common myths that some private practitioners hold about shelter practice-and vice versa.

Top myths about veterinary shelters

Misconceptions about care at veterinary practices and shelters are addressed.

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