Wooden nickels keep waiting clients happy


A wooden nickel saves the day when veterinary clients grow restless waiting for their pets' in-house diagnostics.

Our practice is located in New York City, and the waiting room is small. So when we run in-clinic diagnostics, we give owners a wooden nickel that we designed with our logo and a local coffee shop's logo. The token is good for a free cup of coffee or tea at a cafe around the corner. 

It keeps the waiting room clear and prevents anxious owners from getting restless or asking if results are in every three minutes. It works out great for our clinic and the coffee shop. We have an arrangement with them for the coffee, and it's free advertising for them as well. Clients often buy pastry while they're visiting. And clients come back relaxed after taking a short walk. 

The nickels were relatively inexpensive and once a month we pick up the coins used at the cafe and recirculate them. 

Ginger Hughes

Practice Manager

Northside Veterinary Clinic

Brooklyn, New York

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