Which shift gets the short end of the stick?


Study pegs evening supervisors as bad bosses.

It's as if a scary movie comes to life. A decent human by day turns into a monster by night. No, we're not talking about werewolves but, rather, your boss. According to a nationwide survey, evening workers are more likely to witness their boss's transformation from Dr. Jekyll to the evil Mr. Hyde.

The phone survey of 1,000 adults found that 41 percent of those who pull the night shift said their bosses never provide acknowledgment of hard work or success. And 25 percent of night-shift people reported their bosses don't provide guidance or advancement opportunities. Meanwhile, 38 percent of late workers said their bosses frequently steal credit versus 21 percent of daytime workers who said the same thing.

The study, conducted in May 2008, didn't delve into why evening workers were more prone to rate their supervisors as bad bosses. But if you're burning the midnight oil at a 24-hour clinic and need some advice, try this: How to tame beastly bosses.

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