Where'd we get that stat?


Here you'll find contact information for the groups that conducted the research or released the data featured in this issue. Many thanks to all who contributed.

> AAHA's Compensation and Benefits, Fourth Edition, released in 2006, presents data on salaries, bonuses, commissions, benefits, and more. Call (303) 986-2800, or visit aahanet.org.

> The 2007-2008 American Pet Product Manufacturers Association National Pet Owners Survey reports on the input of more than 19,000 survey respondents. It identifies short and long-term trends in pet ownership, product and service consumption, lifestyle, and media developments. Call (800) 452-1225, or visit appma.org.

> The survey "The Perceptions and Attitudes of Pet Owners:The Impact of the Bond," conducted by BNResearch on behalf of Banfield, The Pet Hospital, looks at what pet owners are like and how far they'll go for their pets. Call (800) 838-6738, or visit banfield.net.

> The 2006 Companion Animal Parasite Council Pet Owner Survey reports on the parasite awareness of more than 1,000 respondents. Visit capcvet.org.

> DVM Newsmagazine conducted its "State of Veterinary Profession" survey in 2006 with more than 1,000 practitioners' responses. Visit dvmnews.com.

> The Firstline Career Path Study, conducted by Advanstar Veterinary Healthcare Communications, reports about 1,000 team member responses. Call (800) 255-6864, ext. 114.

> The 2006 Earnings Survey, conducted by Medical Economics, looks at salary and work hours for human healthcare professionals. Visit memag.com.

> The study "What's the Most Efficient Way for Veterinarians to Manage Their Practice?" was compiled by Dr. Neal Wasserman using the database of the NationalCommission of VeterinaryEconomic Issues. To get the study, to compare your practice with the more than 10,000 others in NCVEI's database, or to add your information, visit ncvei.org.

> The two surveys in the 2007 Veterinary Economics Business Issues Study, conducted byAdvanstar Veterinary Healthcare Communications, report about 250 responses each. The two surveys of the 2006 Veterinary Economics State of the Industry Study reported about 300 responses each. Call (800) 255-6864, ext. 138.

> Benchmarks 2007: A Study of Well-Managed Practices, conducted byWutchiett Tumblin and Associates and Veterinary Economics, reports data from 100 high-performing hospitals, providing benchmarks to help practitioners improve financial and personnel management. The 2006 and 2005 studies are also available. Call (800) 598-6008, or visit vmpgstore.com.

> VetMedTeam.com, an online community and team-training center, provides survey data from veterinary team members. To see past surveys or to participate in the current one, visit vetmedteam.com.

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