Where do you go for social media inspiration?


This electronic marketing whiz goes outside the veterinary market for a spark.

Want more social media resources? We got 'em:

Eric Garcia has one way to feed your content-hungry platforms.

Is your clinic Fear Free? Spread the word online.

Wait--are you using the right apps?

When it comes to influence for crafting an effective social media presence, Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Bill Schroeder starts close to home with those he considers pioneers in the veterinary market (such as fellow speakers Dr. Andy Roark and Dr. Dave Nicol), but then broadens his search, first to similar markets ...

"I like to look at some of the big names that are making some noise within the dental space and see if there are things that can cross over," he says.

... and then beyond. Watch this video to learn Schroeder's favorite resources and take the steps necessary to get your online space dialed in.

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