When pet owners just make you sigh ...


Follow @eyerollatthevet on Twitter for some delicious venting about the clients you (mostly) love.

As veterinarians and veterinary team members, your love for pets and clients is legendary, but sometimes you need to blow off steam so you can get back to being your normal, compassionate self behind the veterinary practice front desk, in the exam room or rocking the treatment area.

That's where a Twitter account like @eyerollatthevet comes in, quoting-or, y'know, paraphrasing-some veterinary clients' head-scratching comments …

Have you felt this anonymous veterinary team member's pain? Go follow them!

If you're worried that behind-the-scenes jokes and grousing about pet owners in public is cruel or rude, you'd be interested in a recent exchange when @eyerollatthevet responded to one follower's concern that negative humor like this is unwarranted:

“This is an outlet for me and some coworkers. A way to vent. Our hospital is one of the most compassionate, caring places you'd ever find. We may bitch about clients, but we treat them and their pets with respect. We do a lot of client educating. It takes a toll though … when you explain flea prevention for the millionth time and clients still don't believe you … ”

An @eyerollatthevet follower, Dr. Greg Magnusson @IndianapolisVet, chimed in to agree:

“Education [of pet owners] always comes from ignorance! The difference between a good clinic and a bad one is how we handle problems [like these]. Sharing stories of failure helps us learn how to better help the human at the end of the leash. Personally, I think their observations are insightful and clever, and help me do my job better.”

Now come laugh with us on the following pages with funny tweets of life on the clinic front lines @eyerollatthevet. And join the conversation in the comments below: Is this harmless venting or inappropriate cracks at clients?




BONUS! When it's your team member trying your patience …

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