What's that racket?! Help clients learn about noise aversion


Crash! Bang!! Boom!!! We all startle at loud noises, but do your clients know if loud or sudden noises are seriously affecting their dog's quality of life?

Clients with noise-averse dogs don't have it easy. But what's worse is when a pet owner doesn't know how badly loud or sudden noises are seriously affecting their pet's quality of life. That's where you (and your team!) come in. Educating clients on the differences and similarities among fear and anxiety, noise aversion, phobias and the behavioral outcomes of each is imperative-it might just save a pet's life.

We created this handout to help pet owners understand that when a dog runs for cover from thunder, fireworks or other scary noises out there in the world, they need to come straight to the veterinarian. Download the handout now.

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