What was super at SuperZoo

August 15, 2017

It'll make a lousy T-shirt: "Your favorite veterinary website went to the pet retailer show SuperZoo, and all we got you was awesome product news."

Veterinarians and team members: Would any of your clients like to know about these things? Would you want to stock them in your hospital or in your online pharmacy? Do you want them all for yourself? Here's what caught our eye at SuperZoo 2017, an enormous pet retailer show in Las Vegas.

They say that's a hedhehog above. Hmmm.It's a hedgehog pets can eat

Actually, it's a dog treat that comes in a variety of shapes: toothbrush, hedgehog (that thing's a hedgehog-who knew?), stick, alligator, veggie ear, rice bone, cross bone and veggie sausage among them. (Yes, there all still meat-free.)

Whimzees clearly aims for transparency, with a brochure that spends one full page laying out the ingredients. Interested? Here are the details: potato starch (highly digestible, gluten-free), glycerin (for palatability and moisture retention), powdered cellulose (for dietary fiber and tooth polishing), lecithin (vegetable-derived emulsifier), malt extract (for metabolism, muscle tone and strong bones) and yeast (source of B-vitamins, minerals and amino acids).

Treats come in different sizes for six different dog weights, ranging from 11 calories for dogs under 5 pounds all the way to 420 calories for dogs 60 pounds and more.

It looks like a urine sample cup, but it's just dirt and mud inside. PHEW!Do NOT track that in on the carpet!

What looks like a kid's sippy cup hides soft, gentle silicone bristles to get mud and dirt off dog paws before they traipse their filth all over your car interior or carpet.

The MudBuster from Dexas, marketed as the "gentle paw washer," comes in three sizes.

Next up? A sippy cup for cats and dogs on the go and patriotic dog toys ...


So many things to pour, so little time.A lunch pail for your pet

One side of this water bottle is for, well, water. The other side is made for kibble. It doesn't sport a cool Star Wars or Strawberry Shortcake image like your lunchbox from kindergarten, but you can just put that sticker on after you buy it.

The Snack-DuO from Dexas has two independent 12-ounce chambers, one side with a flip-open lid, the other with a pourable nozzle. An 8-ounce travel cup clips to the top of the bottle. Stick it in the dishwasher when you're done.

Made in the USA ... for your dog to destroy

Caitec has unveiled eight Hero dog toys made in a solar-powered facility in New Jersey. Designs are inspired by Old Glory, with star balls and stripe bones and something that looks like a law enforcement badge ("You have the right to stick this in your mouth and wildly shake your head back and forth").

These toys are so hot off the production line that product images aren't available yet. Here, close your eyes, and imagine. A rubber bone that looks a bit like a stylized flag. A disc-like toy with a star in the middle. Hey, you have a good imagination!

Next up? Pet voyeurism and an unending game of tug-o-war ...


Dance, cat! Dance for my amusement!I'm watching you ... play

When the dog or cat owner is away, the pets may still play, thanks to products from Pawbo.

Various Pawbo devices include wireless cameras, dispense treats remotely, play laser games with pets, play feather teasing games with cats, and see sneaky pets in the dark while they're sleeping or doing whatever other sneaky things pets do when we're gone.

Pawbo is just one in a long line of "I'm not at home, but I want to interact with my pet" products connecting to the internet, tablets and smartphones to make pet owners stuck at work feel in sync with their favorite four-legged friends.

He's tired, but when he gets going again, watch out, Tether Tug.Are you pulling my leg?

No, I'm not pulling your leg; I'm pulling your rope. Specifically the rope tied to the end of the pole planted in the ground that is the Tether Tug.

Dogs like to pull. Some of them could do this all day, with small breaks to eat, drink, pee and sleep. This is for the pet parent with a tug-o-war-loving dog who doesn't have the time to play in the backyard for hours at a time.

The Tether Tug has different varieties catering to dogs of different sizes, and there are rope replacements and a soil stabilizer (for mushy terrain) available on the website.

Next up? Finally, something CLINICAL ...


Artist's rendering of a cat as a Navy SEAL. Just kidding, it's the Recovery Vest for Cats.Put a collar on it! (Or how about, don't do that?)

Three products from Suitical offer alternatives to the e-collar (hey, we just presented a surgeon's take on a few.) and cooling off hot dogs.

The Recovery Suit for Dogs and the Recovery Suit for Cats are being marketed for a variety of conditions and situations: protecting and covering hot spots, wounds, surgical sutures, bandages, ointments and skins conditions as well as when a pet is incontinent or in heat. The design uses "a breathable, stretchy cotton/Lycra fabric" for better movement with a rear closure that's "effortless to fit."

The Recovery Sleeve offers left or right front-leg protection for dogs recovering with hot spots, wounds, sutures and so on.

The Dry Cooling Vest, filled with fresh water, begins cooling a dog up to 59 F below ambient air temperature for one to three days. The company says it prevents heat stress during and after a walk in the sun, a trip in a car or anywhere else cooling is required.