What veterinary associates today want and need in a great job


Our fictional Dr. Alex Doe exemplifies real-life survey results on what theyre looking for in the workplace.

“What's most important to you as an employee?” can be a simple question for associates, but the answers are crucial if practice owners want to successfully hire and keep associates and minimize low morale. Associates, do these survey results from Benchmarks 2015: A Study of Well-Managed Practices mirror your feelings? Practice owners and managers, what can you learn? Let's click through associates' top six work concerns in these social media posts from our fictional doctor ...


1. Competitive wages

Pay was associates' top concern. Check out this formula to calculate if your wages are in the ballpark.


2. Flexible time/schedule

“Work-life balance” isn't just a buzzword-it's the second-highest priority for associates. Click here for insightful data, concise articles and fun videos on helping associates and others lead healthier, happier lives. 



3. Appreciation for a job well done

Hearing “thank you” from clients is good, but associates also want affirmation from their bosses. Read these seven ways a practice leader can boost morale and let associates and others know their hard work is appreciated. 


4. Chances for growth, career development

Providing opportunities for associates to grow isn't a one-way street for practice leaders-it can spark ideas, retain talent and make everyone better. Read why mentorships can elevate practices and help associates feel more fulfilled at work.



5. Efficient, effective, productive co-workers

Discontent in a practice team can be disruptive. Read these three ways managers and associates can both work together to foster a happier, more productive work environment.



6. Good benefits (i.e., health insurance, maternity leave, retirement plans, CE, etc.)

Of all the possible benefits, CE can show the best return on investment for the least amount of money, surpassing the initial investment by a lot. Read why the cost of CE can be a small price to pay for practices. 


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