What sours veterinary client service


"Press 1 if you need to speak to a person but don't mind going round and round this automated menu."

On your animal hospital's busiest days, you may wish an automated phone system could answer clients' basic questions for you. But you should know that customers around the world absolutely hate being trapped in automated self-service menus when they call a business - don't you?

Customer-service software company Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories sponsored a recent survey of almost 9,000 consumers that dug deep into the causes of poor customer service in 16 countries, including the United States. Here's what the survey found to be consumers' top four complaints:

    • Being trapped in automated self-service

    • Being forced to wait too long for service

    • Needing to repeat themselves

    • Encountering representatives who lack the skills and knowledge to answer their questions.

Take these consumer concerns to heart and ask yourself a few pointed questions. Are you and your team members making sure to answer phones promptly and professionally? Do you take the time to listen to clients and note their comments and concerns? Are you confident enough in your training to answer pet owners' questions? If you answered no to any of these questions, spend a few minutes brushing up on client service by checking out the related links below.

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