What a relief! Living the locum tenens life


These veterinarians ditched regular practice life. Could relief work be the answer to the horrible stress, miserable work-life balance and self-doubt pervasive in the industry?

The dvm360 Vet Confessi

onals Project is going strong-so strong, in fact, that we're now starting to notice micro-trends in the anonymous submissions. One of the most compelling? Submissions from relief veterinarians or former relief veterinarians, all noting how much better life was on the other side of the fence. Ever considered it? Seeing case after case had us wondering-could relief work provide some relief to the problems plaguing veterinary professionals across the country? Scroll through our picks below, or submit your own thoughts here.


"I used to be a relief vet and I was very happy, but my mom told me growing up that I had to have my own business, so I went and bought my own practice. I think I was happier as a relief doctor."

Next up? Somebody's lying ...


"I closed my practice last year. Told my spouse it wasn't financially sound. Truth is ... I walked away. Now doing relief work. Happy w/ work. Sad I lied."

Next up? Ready to quit ...


"I was about ready to quit the profession. Doing relief work is less stressful and has reinspired me."

Next up? Living the dream ...


"Working relief = living the DREAM. Work a bit, then leave! No nagging follow up, travel/vacation..."

And another commenter posted this sticky note to the submission: "Amen! Set my own schedule, pick my jobs, travel as much (or little) as I want, make great $$, save lives with abandon, no management stress." 

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