Want to usher in Fear Free veterinary practice? Change yourself first

July 3, 2018
Marty Becker, DVM
Marty Becker, DVM

Veterinary Economics Practice Leadership Editor and Fetch dvm360 conference speaker Dr. Marty Becker is author of The Healing Power of Pets: Harnessing the Amazing Ability of Pets to Make and Keep People Happy and Healthy and the resident veterinarian on The Dr. Oz Show. (He was the resident veterinarian for Good Morning America for 17 years.) As a veterinarian, media personality, author, lecturer, educator, contributor, and recipient of many prestigious awards, Dr. Marty Becker has become known as the best-loved family doctor for pets. Dr. Becker also practices at North Idaho Animal Hospital in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Just one team member can spark a full on conversion in the clinic.

If you've ever been on fire with new ideas (such as a forward-looking concept like Fear Free veterinary practice) after a Fetch dvm360 conference only to have your enthusiasm squashed when you return to work, speaker Marty Becker, DVM, feels your pain. But he says you shouldn't be discouraged.

"I can tell you of multiple instances where one veterinary nurse went back and decided, 'I know the whole team's not involved with this, but I'm gonna change what I can change,'" he says.

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Why do some DVMs push back on Fear Free?

And it's worked. Again and again he's seen one team member practicing Fear Free techniques-and demonstrating their positive results-lead to another, then another until the procedures have spread throughout the clinic like a "contagion," as Dr. Becker puts it.

In this video he offers advice on how you can demonstrate the change you'd like to see. He also shares the story of Toronto's Willowdale Animal Hospital where Fear Free advocate Jonathan Bloom, DVM, single-handedly revolutionized their approach "from client service to medicine."

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