VolitionRx publishes new research in PLOS ONE


This new study demonstrates nucleosome concentrations are useful when treating canine cancer treatment monitoring



VolitionRx Limited announced that it published a study in PLOS ONE that reveals plasma nucleosome concentrations are a useful tool for treatment monitoring and disease progression for dogs suffering from hematopoietic cancers.

According to an organizational release,1 the study was led by Heather Wilson-Robles, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology), chief medical officer and lead veterinary Volition Veterinary, and conducted at the Small Animal Clinical Sciences Department at Texas A&M University. Wilson-Robles and her team completed the study using Volition’s nucleosome quantification technology.

“Veterinarians typically rely on physical exam findings, radiographs, ultrasound, and baseline blood work to monitor dogs with hematopoietic cancers for treatment response and remission status. However, to date, there has been a lack of useful circulating biomarkers available in veterinary medicine,” explained Wilson-Robles, in the release.1

While using Nu. Q Vet Cancer for the study, the findings showed that plasma nucleosome concentration correlated better with response and progression of disease compared to thymidine kinas or C-reactive protein.1

"We found that plasma nucleosome concentrations were significantly higher at diagnosis and progressive disease than they were when dogs were in remission. The study also showed that nucleosome concentrations nearly always returned to the low range during treatment and are associated with clinical remission. In addition, nucleosome elevations often recur at the time of disease progression, mirroring the clinical course of the disease and that higher nucleosome levels are inversely correlated with survival," she concluded.


Study shows Nucleosome Concentrations are a useful tool for Canine Cancer Treatment Monitoring. News release. Volition. May 11, 2023. Accessed May 16, 2023. https://volition.com/resources/press-room/press-releases/volition-study-nucleosome-concentrations-tool-canine-cancer-treatment-monitoring

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